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Interest to join
-- Meredith Andrews-rupe, 1/19/18

thanks for sending information on upcoming events
-- Ricia, 1/31/17

we would love to view and shop at your future art sales.. barbra
-- Barbra Rogalski Rhoda, 3/10/16

Point Loma Artists AssociationHI Sandy Silverman, yes we have painters who have done boxes and I would be interested in wrapping boxes with my photographic images. I can be reached at
-- Point Loma Artists Association, 11/13/13

Great site. Please add me to you email list. Thank you. Do any of these artists paint or wrap power boxes?
-- Sandy Silverman, 11/13/13

Hey Sally Ault, I'm in love with your art pieces. I have to figure out how to get one of your necklaces. Can I buy directly from you or do I need to go thru a gallery? No rush. Enjoy your time in Colorado.
-- Sharon Webster, 6/18/13

nice site!
-- Paul Horvat, 5/10/13

The Carlsbad Newcomers Club has an Art Adventures group that is interested in visiting galleries. I would love to hear about your upcoming events.
-- Bj Boland, 5/5/13

I met Lynne & Christine last night at the San Diego Art Institute's Museum of the Living Artist, what a pleasure to meet them both and hope to talk more Art in the future!
-- Michelle D. Ferrera, 4/14/13

I love this place, thanks!
-- Alice Herla, 3/21/13

Excellent site, thanks!
-- Megan, 2/6/13 love your work
-- Hans, 12/24/12

I Googled RC Dyer, who painted the mural in the home I just purchased and was led to your site. Low and behold I found a picture of the artist painting the mural in my home!
-- Marilyn, 8/6/12

Would like to know more!
-- M. Applewhite, 5/14/12

Wonderfull site. Please email me updates:
-- Alan, 3/18/12 what a wonderful site! Bookmarked.
-- Rach, 2/10/12

glad to see i'll be in piont loma next weekend
-- Gare, 1/27/12

Saw your show last Saturday - wonderful.
-- Sharon Jackson, 12/5/11

Enjoyed looking at the artist's works, especially Julie Anderson's water colors.
-- Dorothy Russell, 9/30/11

-- R.L.Erwin, 8/29/10

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